How to Join Salute Gorkha Online Class?

We will like to thanks all the students who registered online classes from Salute Gorkha App. Please watch this video to join an online class.

Find Classroom code on Notice Section of App

If you have any questions regarding online class feel free to contact us on the following number.

#सल्युट गोर्खा तालिम केन्द्र प्रा.ली.
केन्द्रिय कार्यालय :
#पोखरा : ०६१–४३०२८०, ४३२५१५
शाखा कार्यालयहरु :
#काठमाडौं: ०१४३८५९७५, ९८४१८७६२६९
#बुटवल: ९८४७२५९९६१, ९८०४४३८८३१
#दाङ: ०८२-५६३२७८, ९८४७८३१५५२

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