Privacy Policy For Salute Gorkha App

Salute Gorkha Training Center (SGTC) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most preferred Pre-Army
Recruitment Training Centers in Nepal. The company is providing free of cost Pre-Army
Recruitment information and proper support/ guidance to uplift and motivate the potential
recruits (PRs) depending on their caliber through this application.
In this world of information and technology, Salute Gorkha wants to give information and
guidelines for those candidates who want to join Gurkha Army and make their future brighter.
So, Salute Gorkha Training Center has published this Salute Gorkha App.

What includes in Salute Gorkha App?
In this App Salute Gorkha (SG) have include those topics which is essential for its users like:
About Us, Share band Rate Us, BGN Option, Age Calculator, BMI Calculator, Books, Online
Class Registration, Branch Locator, Practice Quiz, Vision Test, Notice, FAQ, Videos, Sliders

Whys Such Topic are Created?
About Us:
About us is given for making users know about Salute Gorkha Training Center, so that users will
know about the organization. They know about our history and prior activities in pre-Gurkha
preparation and they can also check whether this app is suitable for them or not. It helps to know
about the organization and its services to the new users.

Share and Rate:
Share and Rate is kept so that organization can monitor and know the user’s experience as per
his/her share or rate. More share and rate mean users liked it and if less share and rating is found
it means need some improvement in App.

BGN Option:
BGN Option is kept in this for giving the latest news for candidates through the British Gurkha
Nepal updates. So, candidates will get information immediately.

Age Calculator:
Age Calculator is provided for users so they can check their age and can conform they are
eligible for Gurkha selection or not?

BMI Calculator:
BMI Calculator is provided for users so they can check their BMI (Body mass Index) and can
conform they are eligible for Gurkha selection or not?

In this application, SG has provided free and paid books so users can read and get prepare for
Gurkha selection. The company is trying to give this opportunity especially for those users who
cannot afford to join training academy.

Online Class:
SG has kept online class option so that users can entry their details and the company can follow
them for online class through provided details.

Branch Locator:
SG has provided all offices (Branches) locator so users can get office direction easily.

Practice Quiz:
SG has provided practice quiz for users to get practice old model questions of Gurkha selection
which helps the users who are willing to apply for Gurkha selection.

Vision Test:
To get selected in Gurkha selection candidates should pass medical stage too. In medical stage
color vision is also one of the most essential part of medical which candidates must pass. So, SG
has kept checking whether interested candidates are eligible or not.

SG has provided notice section. SG uploads recent updates about Gurkha selection updates and
SG events and activities.

Users have lots of queries. To solve users’ curiosity, SG has kept FAQ where they can find their
answers to few important questions.

The company has made lots of video regarding Gurkha selection procedure. Some users may
understand more details after watching these videos.

The Company has kept some pictures in slider to make application more attractive.

Data collection:
As per our application’s Cookie Policy, we are planning to collect our users’ data to get their
information and behaviors to give them better experience while using the app. The collected data
will be kept confidential and will be used only for the enhancing the experience of the
application users. The company will be liable for any mishandling of the obtained data thereof.