Gurkha Bharti RI 2022 Updates!

BGN Updates RI 2022, British Gurkha and Singapore Police Selection RI 2022

British Gurkha Nepal (BGN) has taken the new decision in support of the Government of Nepal’s fight against COVID 19, BGN has made the following changes to safeguard Potential Recruits and Recruiting staff. These changes will allow selection to take place while keeping it as fair as possible.

Registration for BA and GCSPF will now be online. The window for Online Registration is 28 Jun – 16 Jul 21. The registration website address will be released on the BGN website on 28 Jun 2021 at 0800. It will be possible to complete registration on a mobile phone with no access to a computer.

Important recruitment criteria changes:

What is the new Age Criteria RI 2022?

Candidates must be between 19 to 21 years on 01 Jan 2022. If a birthday is between the following dates, then they are eligible: AD 01/01/2001 – 01/01/2003. (BS 17/09/2057 – 17/09/2059). If candidates are born outside these dates, then candidates will not be eligible for selection.

What is the new Education Criteria RI 2022?

SLC before 2016: Minimum 3rd Division or Equivalent. Those who sat Nepal SEE from 2016 onwards applying for British Army and GCSPF must have the following grades: Overall minimum 5 x C grades, a minimum C grade in English, and a C in Maths. For those with GCSE, O Level, or other National Certificates equivalent to SEE must have a minimum of 5 x C grades, with a minimum C grade in both English and Maths. SLC/SEE compartment pass, private SLC/SEE compartment pass, SLC/SEE open learning are acceptable but CTEVT qualification certificates will not be accepted.

Candidates will not be registered if they do not meet the revised Gurkha Recruitment Criteria or if they fail to submit their application within the time window provided.

Things to be remember

Gurkha recruit selection is free, candidates should not pay anyone any money for selection. If anyone asks for money, they should gather evidence and report it to BGN and the police.

Wear a mask when in public or around others, wash your hands regularly, and maintain a minimum of 2 distances from other people.

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  1. Sir yo change xani age rw education ko GCSPF C compulsory in math vaner paxi D+ hunx hola ki na hola

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