Urgent Registration Update Notice (दर्ता बारे अत्त्यन्तै जरूरी सुचना)

In the Recruitment Intake 2022, British Army and Singapolice Police selection is going to be held in different ways. There will be an initial selection in registration in which candidates has to pass the selection of four-phase:

  1. Documentation
  2. Medical
  3. Physical
  4. Education

The candidate must bring documents, as per the given instructions if anyone fails to bring a single document or photocopy he will be instantly rejected for the selection.

In the registration process, general medical will be checked by the doctors of the British Gurkha Nepal.

After medical candidates have to do 12 heaves and 20 KG lift carry 30 meters.

Finally, the candidates will be reached to the final selection which is the most important and challenging education selection for maths, which leads to reaching the candidates to regional selection.

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